We manufacture underwear, outerwear, headgear and accessories for re-enactment and living history. As well as for themed weddings, museum, theater and film.

The tailors of Robes & Cloaks are active re-enactors and we manufacture all our clothes ‘historically accurate’. From the early Middle Ages, Napoleonic, WW I, the Interbellum and until WW II.

Our extensive knowledge of historical clothing is applied in all we make. And comes from various sources: studies of medieval art, historical patterns and we participate in many re-enactment events. We supplement this with knowledge and experience of people in our network such as historians, fellow re-enactors and costume makers.

We are also skilled in many techniques such as embroidery, lace spools, sprangs, frivolities and more. These handmade style elements make a Robes & Cloaks garment unique.

When designing your clothes, your requests are in the center of our designs. Your imagination, which style elements and accessories are appropriate and how you would like it to look like is leading.

The clothing is custom made in our atelier. How to make the costumes fit? If you have your measures, you can email us, in other cases we will take your them: in our studio, at your home, via Skype, in the museum or on bivouac. It can also happen that we insert fitting moments in the meantime. This way we ensure that your purchase fits you well.

Our products are standard finished by hand, which gives your purchase a historically accurate appearance. The further finishing touch is entirely up to you: do you want to have decoration on it in the form of embroidery? Hand-worked lace? A frivolity? That is possible! This makes every Robes & Cloaks garment unique.

Are you organizing a re-enactment or living history event? Would you like to invite us as part of your scenery or are you interested in a masterclass or a workshop? Please contact us.

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