Bourtange Robes and Cloaks

Bourtange 2018

Bourtange: we are there!

Welcome to the year 1742

Near the German border, in the beautiful Westerwolde (South East Groningen), lies the fortress Bourtange. A unique historical defense that does not know its equal.

On Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 June 2018, in and around the fortress Bourtange, the grand sham fight, “The Battle of Bourtange” will be held again.

This year it is again 1814 in Bourtange. Troops of Napoleon are in the fortress. The Dutch army, supported by helpful armies from, for example, Belgium, Germany, England and France, try to recapture their fortress.

About 400 soldiers have set up camps in and around the fortress. Clothing, weapons, kitchen utensils, tents, camp life and food habits are exact copies of the time around 1814. The visitor actually travels back in time. Both days there are skirmishes and spectacles everywhere, and you can experience at close quarters how the people of war live and work in the camps and trade.

The highlight is the big set-up. A big parade with all soldiers (except the dead and wounded) will close the event.

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