A themed wedding is becoming more and more popular to get an alternative and unique experience. It makes your wedding original and it is extra nice for the guests to be dressed in a specific theme. You can think of different themes such as:

  • Regency:¬† a romantic decoration from the time of Jane Austen as you see in the movie Pride & Prejudice
  • Napoleonic: relive the time of Jos√©phine, Marie Louise and Napoleon
  • The 1920s style, inspired by The Great Gatsby
  • The 50s, Rock’n Roll – a wonderfully nostalgic theme

The theme is of course included in the dress code for your guests. If desired, we dress your guests or help you give them the right dress instructions for your theme wedding.

Or we can help you with a masterclass to make clothes for yourselves and your guests. Mail us for more info!

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