Re-enactment groups

NAN Robes and Cloaks Re-enactment groups

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  • Dutch Platform Living History (LPLG)
  • Dutch Foundation for Living Military History- 16e to 20th century (MARS)
  • Napoleonic Association of the Netherlands (NAN)
  • Foundation Historische Militairia.
  • Historia Mundi. Platform for Belgian re-enactment groups.


The museum Archeon is since 1994 a themepark focused on Dutch history: prehistoric times, Roman times and the Middle Ages.

Re-enactment groups – 16th century:

Eighty Years’ War (1568-1648)

Napoleonic Wars (1790-1815)

US Civil War (1861-1865)

The Boeren War (1899-1902)

  • Heilbroncommando from Oranje Vrijstaat led by Generaal Christiaan de Wet.

WW I (1914-1918

WW II (1940-1945)


  • Allemansend beeldt zeelui, kapers, piraten en walvisvaarders uit in verschillende periodes van de Nederlandse geschiedenis (begin 1600 en begin 1800).


  • Robes and Cloaks for historical costumes made by the tailors: active re-enactors.

Did we miss you in this re-enactment group overview? Something not correct? Mail us to!

Photo: courtesy NAN